This page contains links to sites of several of Kyle’s friends and associates, as well as links to a select group of vendor sites.

The Pub

CompuServe is the oldest surviving on-line service, with nearly 30 years of history. It was the home of The Pub until November, 1999, when the forum was merged into a catch-all area and the regular members went elsewhere.

You could find many of them in a set of semi-private newsgroups at Optimax. This link reached the “web view” of the Pub groups; however it went inactive in 2017 and is no longer available. The few surviving members of the group now gather on Facebook from time to time.

Friends, Associates, and Memories

Sue Petersen does database development and writes book reviews from her home high in the Pacific Northwest. SueP was a staff member for The Pub on CompuServe for several years and her book review column appeared in alternate issues of “Visual Developer” magazine until that magazine (like so many others) ceased publication.

Bill Bach does business as GoldStar Software from his base in Chicago, but provides on-site consulting, training courses, and troubleshooting for Btrieve and SSQL users all over the Northern Hemisphere. Bill is the person Kyle goes to for answers about network problems. Nuff said

Selected Vendor Links

The publisher of Pervasive.SQL, Btrieve, and Scalable SQL (SSQL), is Pervasive Software Inc. in Austin, TX. Their web site provides an extensive knowledge base concerning all their products.

Many financial and accounting packages are built on Pervasive.SQL, Btrieve, or  SSQL. These packages include those from ACCPAC International, CYMA Systems, Inc., Peachtree Software, and RealWorld Corporation, among others.

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